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"LEARN aims to prepare Europe and Africa for emerging arboviral diseases through research and education"
Jeroen Kortekaas,  
Coordinator of LEARN

LEARN is the acronym of the Long-term Europe-Africa Research Network, a project that falls under the umbrella of LEAP-Agri, a joint Europe Africa Research and Innovation initiative related to Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture: 


The LEARN project aims to reduce the impact of arboviral diseases on veterinary and human health. The project focuses on arboviruses that can severely affect the livestock sector and thereby threaten sustainable food security in both Europe and Africa.  LEARN will increase awareness and optimize disease control programs . More effective control of livestock diseases will facilitate rural development and the agricultural economy. 

Main objectives of the project: 

In the LEARN project, scientists from Africa will fill knowledge gaps that exist in Europe on the epidemiology and pathology of neglected arboviruses, whereas scientists from Europe will share their expertise on innovative technologies that can be used to develop diagnostic tools. The project will initiate with the strengthening of existing veterinary surveillance networks in Cameroon and South Africa. Novel serological assays will be developed and used for diagnostics and serosurveys of specimens collected in these networks. An additional objective of the project will be to teach and train students through exchange of MSc and PhD students between labs. We will organize lectures and workshops for students, scientists, farmers and policy makers to raise awareness for the diseases (see news and events).


Meet the workpackage leaders


Dr. Wade Abel

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Workpackage 1: 

Establish veterinary networks and collection of clinical samples


Prof. Dr. Martin Groschup

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Workpackage 2: Development of novel diagnostic assays


Prof. Dr. Marietjie Venter

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Workpackage 3: 

Validation and implementation


 Dr. Paul Wichgers Schreur

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Workpackage 4: 

Antigens and reference materials


Prof. Dr. Wilfred Mbacham

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Workpackage 5: 

Education and training

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