PhD student Judith Oymans working in the biosafety level-3 facilities of Wageningen Bioveterinary Research, Lelystad, the Netherlands

The Zoonotic Arbo and respiratory virus group (ZARV), Department Medical Virology, Centre for Viral Zoonoses, University of Pretoria, South Africa; Front from LtoR: Prof Marietjie Venter (PI); Adriano Mendes (Postdoc)(ANDEMIA); Milenah Guarido (PhD student, TWAS); Isabel Fourie (MSc student (ANDEMIA); Meggan Ridden (Postdoc)(UP/LEARN); Laguda-Akingba Oluwakemi (PhD student ANDEMIA); Back Left to Right: Caitlin Mcintyre (MSc student (LEARN/ANDEMIA); Dr June Williams (Veterinary Pathologist, Faculty of Vet Science, Collaborator);  Sontaga Manyana (BSc (Hons)(2018)); Jumari Steym (PhD student (CDC/NRF); Thopisang Motlou (MSc student (ANDEMIA/LEARN); Olivia Letsona(Lab manager/Research assistant).

What LEARN aims to prevent: A cow that succumbed to the consequences of Middelburg infection (Family Togaviridae, genus Alphavirus)

Caitlin Macintyre and Elise Bonnet being trained in diagnostics @WBVR in July-August 2019.